Friday, July 27, 2012

What's in a name?

Since I started baking cupcakes two and half years ago I have dreamed of opening a bakery.  Unfortunately the security of a regular paycheck, the fear of failure and the just plain don't know how have kept me from moving forward.  Two of the three are still true, but I'm know longer afraid to fail... Okay that's a lie.  Of course I am.  But I'm no longer going to let it stop me from moving forward.  I'm not quite ready to open a bakery yet... I do want to be smart about it and do it the right way... But I'm ready to take the first step towards that goal. 

The first step (at least in my mind) was deciding on a name.  Adventures in Cupcaking is a name that was really just for my blog and I've used it up until now, but I never envisioned it as the name of my bakery.  So after lots and lots of thought, a crap ton of emails and texts with my mom, my sister and friends... I have settled on the name.....

I know... It's different, but if you don't love it immediately just give it a few... You will :)


Hillary Green said...

I love it already!